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You might know what you think of God, but what does God think of you? It’s a rather important question. (Luke 18:9–14, Psalm 99)

Unfortunately the recording misses the beginning of the sermon. The introduction followed the points below.

Ever had one of those experiences where you just can’t see the other person’s perspective?

Like in your home, the people you have to live with…
Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom or the top—which way’s right?
Or do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? …

It’s easy to get trapped by your own perspective.

Two weeks ago we considered the question: “What’s the good life made of?” The answer was relationships—with people, and with God.

But some things ruin the good life too. Just watch the news! Most people agree that morally we’re in the dark ages. Where we differ is the cause of the problem…education, religion, politics, greed? That’s a matter of perspective.

The Times Newspaper in London once ran a series of articles which asked this question “What’s wrong with the world?”

The answer you give to that question depends on two things: your perspective about humanity, and your perspective about God. Today we’ll examine God’s perspective on those two.

Firstly, what does God say about us?

Imagine a ladder that’s a scale which measures goodness. Absolute goodness at the top…and evil at the bottom.

If there are 10 rungs on the ladder, where would you put yourself?

Let me show you where Jesus would put me and you. …