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Our Mission

Bellarine Presbyterian Church is a church plant begun in 2017, because we are captured by the incredible love of God, in which he chose us to be his people, when we were (and are) so unworthy. So we want to live our lives to bring him glory, more every day, despite all the ups and downs we go through, and take the news of God’s wonderful love to everyone in the Bellarine. Our mission is to be a community making, transforming, and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ, spreading the new life he brings through the entire Bellarine Peninsula.

What We Believe

Hungry for more of God? According to the book God prepared for us, the Bible, we can get to know him intimately by studying his words in the Bible closely. ‘Let your steadfast love come to me, O Lord…I trust in your word’—Psalm 119:41–42. That’s why we value reading, preaching and teaching the Bible, so we can know God, and worship him in spirit and truth. But true knowledge of God doesn’t stop with knowledge, it overflows in actions of love for God, each other, and even people we’ve never met, so our Bible teaching aims to produce lives transformed by Christ, to live for him in this world.
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